Elkton Friendly Pharmacy is the premier pharmacy of Cecil County, Maryland and NorthWest Delaware.

The history of Elkton Friendly Pharmacy began on May 18, 1987. The pharmacy opened its doors under the franchise name of “The Medicine Shoppe”. For 20 years it flourished and grew. When the franchise expired on February 26, 2006, the residents of Cecil County were invited to vote for our name and, “Elkton Friendly Pharmacy” was born.

We offer a variety of healthcare products including:

  • Prescription medication
  • Compounding
  • Over the counter items
  • First aid
  • Cough and cold
  • Pain therapy
  • Vitamins
  • Herbal treatments

In addition, we carry a selective durable medical equipment line, including breast pumps. Our diabetic care center features shoes, monitors and other supplies, as well as quality counseling. We are always looking for new products and services to care for our patients.

Our caring, confident, professional staff goes the extra mile to assure our patient’s needs are met. We greet our patients by name whenever possible. You are more than just a number to us! The pharmacy features a unique family environment, coupled with unsurpassed professionalism.

Elkton Friendly Pharmacy strives to be a source of knowledge and support to the community. We are active in the community, always contributing information and resources. We also support our local population by sponsoring school and church activities, as well as participation in the cancer society and other selected education seminars.

"We strive to be the preferred pharmacy for our community, where our dedication, hard work and caring is rewarded and appreciated by our patients. Our goal is to provide the finest products and memorable service possible." - Jane LeGoff-Mitchell, Owner

Our Mission

Our patients are provided with the best service possible, along with offering quality products, at a fair market price. Patients are treated with respect. Every effort is made to provide assistance and answer questions. Communication is the foundation for the quality care and services we provide to all of our patients. It is also essential for the coordination of healthcare providers, ensuring that the designated outcomes for each patient are met throughout the rehabilitative process.